So I lived in Chicago for some time as a younger guy. I think that maybe I was in my early twenties,maybe mid. Anyways, I was trying these dating sites and actually it was even before the whole app thing. 

I did actually fins a girl that I liked and feel that the feeling was mutual. After chatting through a bit of emails (I know right! emails?), I got the courage to ask her out. This wasn’t hard as I was in sales at the time and able to communicate easily. 

I invited her to this place in Chicago that everyone knew about, Ben’s Noodles. Amazing Thai food and literally one of the best spots in Chicago! A place that I frequently visited and knew well. I thought this good to help me feel more comfortable. 

Well, I got all dressed up and went to Ben’s Noodle and thought ” I got this”! Upon arrival I noticed this woman was “BEAUTIFUL” and this worried me. Automatically got nervous and was swallowing my tongue. I started to sweat badly and it was not even warm out. 

This is where the date got really awkward as she could tell I was really nervous. Heck, she even asked if I was OK. I told her, ” yea, I just ordered something spicy”. “also, that I was sitting by the kitchen”. It was bad and it some point I realized it was pretty much done. 

Afterwards, we left the restaurant and I walked her to the train. I awkwardly hugged her and said good bye as (of course) still sweating. I have never had this happen before or after this. I have no idea what the hell happened. 

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