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Pikes Peak Singles want to hear about your local dating stories. Yes, everything from the good, the bad, and of course the horror stories. I know that everyone has gone on at least one date that was either the most amazing date that you have ever had. What ended up with that date was there a second or more?

Next, the bad and ugly ones, we all know that there was that one date or hookup that just went south so quick that it made your head spin. So, all the Colorado Springs single ladies and men out there let’s hear those stories. The fun part about this is the names will be changed to protect the your identity and the identity of your good or bad date or hookup.

Thus far we have found that local dating is hard and just being able to know that you are not the only one that has experienced bad dates, and how to grow from them. Colorado Springs single ladies if you want to chit chat and talk about local dating and advice you may have for others please also feel free to post that on this page. If you want us to use your name or maybe a nickname we can make that happen.

Remember this is a safe place to share anything that you want to share about you date or hookup, meaning if your story has a lesson in it about local dating please feel free to share what you are comfortable sharing. We will even share some of our own stories.Colorado Springs Singles

Don’t be shy you single ladies let’s start talking about local dating tips and dates and hookup stories that you want to share and maybe get tips, advice or just get some weight off your shoulders. We here at Pikes Peak Singles are excited to hear your stories!