“Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

— Franklin P. Jones

Pikes Peak Singles

At Pikes Peak Singles, we focus on events that help bring singles in the Pikes Peak area together. We host events in and around the El Paso County area that are designated towards singles and giving them the chance to get to know each other. We know that online dating can be awkward and sometimes down right annoying. We too, have had horrible experiences and just want an easy, fun, and affordable way to meet new local people. 

We started Pikes Peak Singles to offer you an alternative. We know you get tired of expensive monthly payments and annoying swiping games. Awkward people sending you pics that you never wanted to even imagine. It’s OK, we know it happens. We also know that there are tons of fake accounts and “ghosting” going on. This is why we created this! 


We give you the opportunity to meet locals in your area, in a safe and friendly event. The opportunity to get to know each other while having fun with other like minded individuals. This way its not awkward, can’t be ghosted, no waiting for them to meet in person, and have a blast. This is how dating was meant to be. 


Jacob Clark

CEO & Co-Founder

I recently became divorced and was urged to try online dating. What a crazy way to date! After being married for so long, I didn't know where to start. Pikes Peak Singles made it easy, fun and comfortable. I love going on their hiking events and meeting women with the same interests.
Christopher Conner
Colorado Springs, CO